Why Future Proof

Not your average advisory

Popular consulting firms may have the expertise you want, but their mammoth nature leads to a one-size-fits-all approach. However, when you look to a smaller-scale advisor, you may find that avoiding the mundane comes at the cost of lived experience.

With the backing of Future Proof, Roland Roccioletti stands firm on the middle ground, offering unrivalled expertise and unique, bespoke solutions.

Roland’s personal and integrated approach harnesses real-world experience to give you the confidence required to meet every challenge that stands between you and your vision.

Leverage opportunities and mitigate risk

Leverage opportunities and mitigate risk

“Future-proofing” describes the process of identifying and anticipating future developments to seize and leverage opportunities. Likewise, awareness of these developments’ likely consequences helps you take pre-emptive action.

Future Proof Advisory provides flexible, innovative and responsive services to help you future proof your business.

Leverage opportunities and mitigate risk

Your Trusted Advisor

Future Proof Advisory’s Roland Roccioletti is a trusted confidante for many; from small family businesses to large corporations. With unparalleled expertise and utmost confidentiality, Roland’s outside perspective offers targeted, effective advice to keep you ahead of the game.

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Why our clients trust us


is key

Relationships thrive on trust, resulting in optimal outcomes. Our commitment to 100% client confidentiality gives you confidence and peace of mind.

Lived experience


Challenges come in all shapes and sizes. With decades of experience from SMEs to large corporations, Roland has encountered and overcome the same challenges that you are facing.

Continuity of counsel

Continuity of counsel

Your company culture informs everything you do. That’s why we take the time to understand the underlying dynamics of your business. From becoming your trusted advisor to fostering staff cohesiveness, Future Proof is always by your side.

Clarity of vision

Clarity of

With experience comes clarity. We help you stay connected with your overall vision by guiding you through what you need to be considering, what to prioritise and where to mitigate risk, in turn enabling you to achieve your goals and objectives.

What would you do with on-demand access to decades of corporate experience?

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