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Tap into decades of corporate success

Future Proof is one of Australia’s leading professional business advisory practices, offering expertise and assistance across three platforms: Strategy, Recruitment, and Training and Development.

Led by founder and managing director Roland Roccioletti, GAICD, we partner with organisations of all sizes to help them to achieve their key business objectives.

Level-up your strategic planning

Future Proof Advisory provides you with an independent assessment and objective overview of the core competencies of your business, your point of difference, and improvement initiatives.

Work with us to develop a targeted strategic plan, and take your business to the next level.

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Who is Roland Roccioletti, GAICD

Who is Roland Roccioletti, GAICD*?

Roland Roccioletti, founder and managing director of Future Proof, leverages his decades of corporate experience to help businesses and organisations succeed.

A highly accomplished corporate executive with a strong leadership and strategic HR background, Roland’s experience eclipses that of most other advisors.

While his experience and knowledge have drawn many to Future Proof, Roland’s unique approach and clear communication style keep clients engaged on the path to success.

With his courageous attitude and proven processes, Roland lays a trusting foundation for every relationship. This base of confidence allows Roland to speak truthfully, getting to the heart of the problem in any business and offering real solutions. *GAICD = Graduate Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Our Core Values



Mutual trust and openness is at the heart of our long-term collaborative relationships. And with most of our client base established through referrals, trust really is a must.



Communication is also a two-way street. In his capacity as a consultant, Roland tells his clients anything and everything they need to know, but he’s also a great sounding board for their ideas and input.



With all due respect, we’re not here to make nice. And we’re certainly not afraid to get real with our clients, because important matters require courageous discussions, not lip service.



Self-confidence is critical when you’re looking after an entire organisation. And from confidence comes conviction, true and believable – clear advice from a fresh perspective.

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